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PalJet Advantages & Benefits

The PalJet PV3 EKG System
  • Requires no cream, gel or shaving to improve electrode contact
  • Electrodes attach and self-detach quickly and comfortably
  • Produces superior waveforms
  • Produces consistent baseline stability
  • Re-usable, bacterialstatic electrodes
  • Rugged lead wire assembly outlasts conventional lead wires
  • Compatible with all EKG recorders on the market
  • Runs on battery or AC power
  • The positive-pressure Venturi vacuum system purges itself of contaminants.
  • No shaving and contact cream cost and clean-up
  • Skin prep time reduced to minimum; less total time per patient
  • Patients like the quick procedure and "no-peel, no-wipe" clean-up
  • Speed, comfort and superior measurement accuracy significantly reduce artifacts
  • Cost-effective: Eliminates recurring expense and disposal cost of single-use electrodes
  • Evironmentally friendly: Eliminates solid waste and hazardous by-products of disposable incineration
  • Reduced maintenance time and lead wire replacement cost
  • Quick, easy to implement
  • Portable: can be used in temporary and permanent settings
  • Cross-contamination risks are reduced significantly.
    Savings start with the first patient!